AS-S4-300 Automatic spreading machine

    AS-S4-300 Automatic spreading machine


    ○ Spreading length memory device
    ○ Trough automatically track Songbu device
    ○ Emergency stop devices
    ○ Walking distance. Adjustable cutter
    ○ On the side of the device
    ○ Rewinding (Cloth roll)
    ○ One side movable presser
    ○ The spreading machine acceleration and deceleration computer control
    ○ Mop pole
    ○ Auto-lifting
    ○ Number of floors counter
    ○ Cutter device
    ○ Double pull fixed presser
    ○ Advantage
    ○ The fabric runs automatically return starting place.
    ○ Five minutes automatically shut down. (No use)
    ○ Emergency stop has been delegated the fabric is not pulled.
    ○ Sleek lines, reduce drag, reduce noise and reduce vibration.
    ○ PLC touch screen operating system.
    ○ No tension spreading.
    ○ Streamline operations, improve production efficiency and ensure quality.

    ○ Voltage :1P/220V :

    Motor power : 1KW
    Cloth Width:1600mm/63"  2100mm/75"
    ○ The width of the cutting station: 1830mm/72"  2130mm/84"
    Weight : 255kg  290kg
    ○ Fabric weight: 60kg max
    Diameter of cloth : 450mm max

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